Thursday Paper Session

Paper Session 1: Power System Protection Engineering

Thursday, Feb. 9, 2:30-4:30, MSC 2404

Session Chair: Prof. Garng Huang

“Fault Location Using a New Composite Control Technique, Multiple Classifier, and Artificial Neural Network” A. Altaie, J. Asumadu

“Busbar Protection Using a Wavelet Based ANN” A. Abdullah

“Assesment of Fault Location Techniques in Voltage Source Converter based HVDC systems” T. Peng, D. Tzelepis, A. Dysko, I. Glesk

“Influences of temperature on the flashover performance of contaminated insulator” J. Chen, L. Hu, Y. Zhang, Z. Xiao

“High Impedance Fault Detection Utilizing Real-Time Complexity Measurement” F. Ferdowsi, H. Vahedi, C. S. Edrington


Paper Session 2: Power System Planning and Modeling

Thursday, Feb. 9, 2:30-4:30, MSC 2406-A

Session Chair: Dr. Maram Kazerooni

“Geomagnetically Induced Current Sensitivity to Substation Grounding Resistances” U. Bui, T. J. Overbye, K. Shetye

“Design and Visualization of the Central Eastern and Southern African Power Grid with Large -Scale Generation in Tanzania” P. Panumpabi, I. Idehen, M. Backes

“SVC-POD tuning methodology and application to a Colombian case” C. A. O. Medina, J. A. O. Velez

“Emerging Distribution Systems: Modeling Challenges in Faulted Conditions” L. Strezoski, M. Prica, K. A. Loparo

“Equivalent Line Limit Calculation Using Available Thermal Transfer Capability” W. Jang, T. J. Overbye


Paper Session 3: State Estimation in Power Systems

Thursday, Feb. 9, 2:30-4:30, MSC 2406-B

Session Chair: TBD

“Power System State Estimation Accuracy and Observability Evaluation with Optimal PMU Placement” A. A. Almehizia, F. S. Alismail

“A Robust Techno-Economic Analysis of PMU-based Islanding Detection Schemes” R. S. Biswas, A. Pal

“Robust Phase Detection in Distribution Systems” M. S. Modarresi, T. Huang, H. Ming, L. Xie

“A Recursive Bayesian Approach to Load Phase Detection in Unbalanced Distribution System” H. Huang, Y. Hu, S. Liu, L. Xie

“Identifying a Practical State Estimation Scheme Incorporating Substation Measurement Dependencies” B. P. Wiseman, O. Bassey

“Detection of Bad Data in Multi-area State Estimation” Y. Zhou and L. Xie